Tools that every fancy mechanic should have..


Why do you need a new jack and what is a torque wrench?

There is hardly a car enthusiast in the world who at least once did not want to do anything on his own. Sometimes it's about practical savings on a visit to a workshop, but in most cases, such solutions are tied to natural human satisfaction by being able to fix something for yourself without help. If you find that the small tasks of the car are attributed to you, you will most likely be tempted to engage with more complex ones. Whatever you decide, there is no way you can get away without some essential equipment. These are the 10 tools that any mechanic lover needs to have. They will make his life easier and safer, and the satisfaction of the job done in the car is much greater.


Hydraulic jack

There are them everywhere and they are quite cheap, and they can save you so much effort and offer you so many opportunities. First of all, the "crocodiles" are much safer than the jacks that almost every car has in their trunk. They are sturdier and have wheels, so even if you have forgotten the car at neutral speed and without a raised hand, the jack will fit with it and will not miss it. So, if you lie down, you're in a much safer place. In addition, lifting and lowering becomes much faster, and in some repairs you have to lift heavy parts of the suspension while the car is on rails, which is an easy task with this type of jacks.


Stands often go together with hydraulic jacks, but even if not, we urge you to get at least two. With them, you can further stabilize the vehicle when you work on the suspension, placing the stands on the special points on the thresholds. Stacks will allow you to leave the car for longer in the air - something that would be undesirable with the jackpot, as it is as good as it is, it lapses over time. With longer procedures, it is nice to have the passenger compartment evenly in the air to avoid twisting.

Torque wrench

Some of you may not even have heard of the torque keys, but they are, in fact, extremely important. They are not the cheapest, but they can extend the life of some parts and make the car safer. In practice, this is a "ratchet", which allows you to select a precise torque for turning the corresponding bolt or nut. This way you will always know how to turn the crankcase plug, for example, without risking scrolling, overheating or oil leakage. How much newton meters every important bolt needs in your car can easily check the internet for the particular brand and model. This includes rims bolts even.

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